The team here at wanted to share some of our favourite sites with you; some of which are our friends and others are services which may be of interest to you. Please be wary however, when clicking on these links you will be taken to an external site and therefore we here at are not responsible for the content:

– The place where you can watch Jem present.  Join him on Sky 869, Freesat 852, Freeview 22, or on-line

– Play with Jem on Brainbox (ETV) and win thousands of Rand.  Call or SMS to play


– Why not play Bingo with Jem from here?

– The biggest and brightest TV Quiz Channel on UK Television. Also a place where Jem presents on a regular basis. Available on satellite (channel 849).

– The biggest and best numbers game in town and a whole lot more too. AVAGO is currently on the SKY Digital platform (channel 841).

– This is a listing of Jemish Patel on the website of Casting Call Pro

– Check out Jemish's very own page on the world famous IMDb website

– You can also listen to some of Jemish's Voice examples here

– Click on the icon to be taken directly to Jemish's individual page for professional castings

– Presenter Promotions has 20+ years experience in helping presenters & voice-over artists

– is a leading UK based provider of Internet-related services.

Giacomo Shimmings – A good friend of Jem’s. This site will be updated very soon. Giacomo has designed some of the graphics on this site too!

Tony Wrighton – Tony is a Radio & TV Presenter who currently presents a daily show on one of the country’s largest radio stations: 105.4 Century FM and can be see on Sky Sports News Tony is also a colleague of Jem’s on Avago and is also a good mate of his.

Internet Connection Speedometer – As you may have seen, has some large files for you to download. Depending on your connection speed, it could take you a while to download some of our files. We thought we’d add this link so you can check the speed of your connection to the internet.