Back in the day...

Ever since he can remember, Jemish (who was born and bred in London) has always wanted to work in the world of entertainment, whether it be television or radio.  His dreams were first realised however when he was still at School.

How did he start?

He approached the BBC back in 1993 and successfully landed a major role in filming a documentary on young homelessness in London.  The programme was such a success, it was aired several times on BBC2.  This success further cemented Jemish’s desire to work in the media industry and he hasn’t looked back since.

At University (where he studied {BA Hons} Media with Cultural Studies), he was a radio presenter for the much coveted breakfast slot on SIRAN FM and later secured the “Drive Time” show on SIN FM.

And then?

After graduating from Southampton Institute (now known as Southampton Solent University), Jemish took his experience of television from University and used it in the “real world” by getting a job behind the camera yet again at the BBC, this time filming four Arthur Miller plays.  This involved both studio shoots and outside broadcasting where he was exposed to several jobs; from Running and AD’ing, to Floor and Location Managing.

Loaded with a wealth of knowledge, Jemish then progressed on to his second job, which was with The Money Channel.  He quickly advanced through the ranks to become Senior Floor Manager at the channel.

The Money Channel was aimed at a niche audience from all walks of life and because of that fact, the Editor in Chief of the channel asked Jemish to become “The Voice of the Channel” because it’s known that Jemish (who has a wide range of voice characterisations) can maintain an authoritative and distinguished voice, whilst clearly delivering the facts.

Jemish swiftly moved to again as a Senior Floor Manager.  He was often asked by the Producers of the show to go on set and help Presenters auction off some of their products live on-air and it was to be Jemish’s first steps in front of the camera.

After getting a taste of life under the hot studio lights and in front of the camera, he went for a screen test in 2002 for the world’s first interactive gaming, Presenter-led channel.  Jemish is known for his ability to enthusiastically get his point across to an audience with flair and so from hundreds of hopefuls who applied for this position, Jemish impressed the team with his wit and humour and was given a job as a Presenter.

What's he doing now?

In South Africa, Jemish is also on ETV twice weekly presenting on Brainbox.  This is a quiz show where viewers are invited to play on TV!  You can win thousands of Rand, just by answering a few simple questions.
Jemish is also now on Bingo on the Box, on Sky channel 166 and 167.  A brand new channel and website where you can join in the fun of Bingo.  Click here to see the TV schedule for
Jemish was also the launch presenter for a brand new gaming channel called, SmartLive Casino.  SmartLive Casino is a fixed-odds game where you can play Roulette, using your telephone keypad.  Jemish launched the channel on 16th May 2007.

Jemish was also a presenter on Big Game TV, which was a live quiz show on satellite.  He started his stint on Big Game TV in April 2006 and was there when it changed its name to The Daily Quiz. It was on Sky channel 849.

AVAGO was indeed where Jemish started his on-screen appearances on Sky Digital, channel 841.

He's Good!

Jemish is a competent TV Presenter, who can work professionally over open talkback and takes direction without hesitation.  He is experienced with Auto-cue, but can also ad-lib skilfully.  Self producing “as he goes” comes naturally to this dedicated and experienced professional.

Jemish’s expertise in his capacity of Voice Over Artist, has given him many chances to do distinctive voices.  You may even recognise his voice if you listen to Radio adverts, spots or even some radio packages; he attracts listeners because of his knack and ability to carefully get the message (whatever if may be) across to several audience groups.

Why not check out some of his TV, Radio and Voice work over at the Video & Audio section of this website?

Even the Stars love him...

Listen here for the interview with Jo O'Meara on Century FM, talking to Tony Wrighton about Avago and Jem.  Clip courtesy of Century FM.